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Xbox Boss Has Seen Whole E3 Show, More Work to Do

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Xbox Boss Has Seen Whole E3 Show, More Work to Do

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Microsoft has already run through their entire E3 2016 show, end-t0-end. Xbox boss Phil Spencer wrote on Twitter that it was good to see the entire show coming together, but believed there was more to be done.

Replying to Gears of War 4’s Rod Fergusson, Spencer seemed enthusiastic about the show:

Looks like we can, rather unsurprisingly, expect Gears to make a showing at Microsoft’s E3 briefing, which isn’t strange considering it’s one of the company’s big exclusives. Microsoft have said “We’ll showcase more games and experiences coming later in 2016 and beyond,” about their showing, which will take place Monday, Jun. 13th.

Very little else is known about what’s coming at E3 2016, but it’s likely we’ll see more of some of Xbox’s most anticipated titles like Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves. Rumours have circled the internet for some time about Microsoft possibly announcing a new version of the Xbox One, but Microsoft has not confirmed anything.

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