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Live the Life of a Ghost Hunter in Horror Game, Ghost Theory


Live the Life of a Ghost Hunter in Horror Game, Ghost Theory

Spine-tingling horror.

If you’ve ever wanted to live the life of a ghost hunter — doing overnight research in abandoned buildings, pulling out your EMF reader in order to detect a paranormal presence, and doing everything in your power to get poltergeists to reveal themselves — then Ghost Theory may be just the game you are looking for. Ghost Theory is a recently launched Kickstarter campaign from Dreadlocks Ltd.

In Ghost Theory, the player takes on the role of a talented clairvoyant, Barbara, who is recruited by a struggling university’s secret research team that looks into reports of the paranormal. Players use an array of gadgets across multiple missions assigned by the university to not only investigate the paranormal but to conjure it.

“Even though this is a horror game, don’t expect ghosts to be jumping out at you from the darkness for no reason,” the game’s Kickstarter page reads. “In fact, most of them won’t respond to your mere presence at all. Unless you make them. It is your task to find out how, if you hope to meet your objectives.”

The team is seeking around $71,000 of funding through their Kickstarter page in order to bring their game to Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One with the goal of also including VR-support. “With so much effort going into the game’s atmosphere, we want nothing more than to make your own immersion limitless and uninterrupted. To achieve this, we are tailoring the entire game’s design and user interface with VR in mind.”

As of the publishing of this article, the campaign has raised $53,000 with 6 days to go to reach its goal. Check out the trailer for Ghost Theory below:

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