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Battleborn Tips: How to Play Montana


Battleborn Tips: How to Play Montana

Montana in Battleborn

battleborn montana

Battleborn has a vibrant cast of characters for you to pick and choose as a main. If you’ve been thinking about choosing Montana, well, good choice! This big guy with a heart of gold can take a beating and dish it out. Also, he loves kitties.

When you’re playing Montana, it’s important to keep in mind that the further you are, the worse your shots will be. Not only is your aim not the best (the minigun will just spray all over the place), you also don’t do optimal damage. When out on the field, get close to your enemy. Not so close they can do you in with their melee attacks, of course, but just enough. Protect your allies by being the hulking brute in the front lines, absorbing the damage.

Your shield won’t last very long, but it’s okay because you have a ton of health (and can even upgrade it more through the Helix tiers).

Always, always, always remember your R1/RB ability, Hailstorm. It will make your bullets extra powerful and grant you extra armor, reducing the damage you take. Activate it whenever you’re about to unleash on your enemy and start shooting. Oh, but do keep in mind that your minigun very much so acts as one, and will overheat if you’re shooting for too long. While this makes you do bonus damage, keeping it so close to overheating is a very bad idea. Let it cool down intermittently so that you’re not left vulnerable to attacks.

While Montana can take a ton of damage, you might find yourself in a pickle during some fights. For these moments, remember that your dash attack (L1 or LB) can also double as a “quick, get out of there” attack. Use it when you’re trying to run away and you might just get that boost you need.

Build Montana depending on your playstyle. Do you find yourself with more of an overheated minigun than a cooled one? Do you use dash or hailstorm more? Does health or shield matter more? These are questions you’ll need to answer for yourself so you can decide what to level up each tier.

All in all, Montana may be slow, but he’s got plenty of defense and attack to dish out. Just keep in mind these tips and you’ll be wrecking your foes in Battleborn in no time. Now, let’s run through his abilities.

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