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Battleborn Gets a Tie-In Mobile Game Called “Battleborn Tap”


Battleborn Gets a Tie-In Mobile Game Called “Battleborn Tap”

Tap your way to victory.

Battleborn launches today and fans everywhere will be gearing up for battle. However, 2K Games has also just announced a tie-in mobile game that will allow you to “tap your way to victory.”

Battleborn tap will allow players to go up against “waves of enemies and menacing bosses.” You will be able to unlock new heroes and arenas as you progress.

The press release states:

“Grow and customize those heroes by collecting and spending gold shards to upgrade your heroes’ skills and abilities to give your squad the best fighting chance against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Find and equip gear just like in the console version of Battleborn to help boost your heroes’ stats and make them even more powerful.”

Players will also be able to unlock exclusive rewards for the main Battleborn game by playing the mobile game, but details were not disclosed.

Battleborn Tap can be downloaded today from iTunes or Google Play.

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