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Quantum Break Has a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Easter Egg

Quantum Break

Quantum Break Has a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Easter Egg

It’s morphin’ time!

There’s just something about Easter eggs in games that you can’t help but enjoy. This becomes more true when the reference isn’t immediately thrown in your face. Quantum Break has quite a few Easter eggs. Most are obvious callbacks to previous Remedy Entertainment projects, but there’s one that manages to take the cake.

Throughout Quantum Break, there are these things called Quantum Ripples. These are collectibles that will alter certain scenes in the live action segments of the show, as well as send wild ripples through time and space. While each of these are quite interesting in their own rights, the two scientists in charge of keeping tabs of all of these ripples are possibly the funniest part of the game.

Dr. Ron Morphin and Dr. Terri Ranger are in charge of the Quantum Ripple Causality Reasearch Subdivision. To those who may not have immediately caught on to what’s going on, their names are a reference to the seriously popular action series from the early 90’s, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

What helps this Easter egg stand out so much is the hilarious banter between the two. Each Quantum Ripple file contains the effects of the ripple, as well as a transcript of the two scientist’s take on the situation. If you’re looking for a laugh amid all of the shooting and bending of time, these are definitely the files to read.

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