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The Division Incursion: How to Beat Falcon Lost


The Division Incursion: How to Beat Falcon Lost

Everything you need to know to conquer the newest piece of The Division’s endgame.

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There’s no doubt about it. The Division has offered up an incredibly difficult new slice of content with the Falcon Lost Incursion. Difficult doesn’t necessarily mean impossible though.

The Falcon Lost Incursion sees teams of four agents descend into the Warren Gate Water Treatment Plant with the goal of rooting out the LMB that have set up shop there. After a few enemies and a handful of tunnels and ladders, you’ll find yourself at the main area of the incursion, a massive underground room with an APC parked in the back. Faced with 15 waves of enemies, your objective is simply to collect explosives and blow up the APC.

But of course, it’s anything but simple. The minimum gear score for The Division’s first incursion is 140, with a recommended score of 160. In truth, anyone below 160 will be very hard-pressed to make it to the end, as even a gear score of 170 and up will do little to protect you if you make a wrong move.

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