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Quantum Break Guide: Combat Tips and Tricks

quantum break

Quantum Break Guide: Combat Tips and Tricks

Fight Time with Time.

Quantum Break puts players in the shoes of Jack Joyce, a man caught in time after a horrible accident places the future in jeopardy. As you work to get to the center of what’s happening, you’ll have to crack a few skulls.

Like with other Remedy games (Max Payne, Alan Wake), combat in Quantum Break is a bit different when compared to other third-person shooters. You’ll still be relying on cover to avoid damage, as well as switching guns on the fly, but your new-found abilities will make up a healthy portion of your arsenal.

As the story progresses, Jack will gain greater control of time around him, allowing for new possibilities while engrossed in combat. Of course, not every skill is good for every situation. Allow us to help you out so that you can keep Monarch soldiers at bay.

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