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Modder Makes Aliens: Colonial Marines Actually Fun to Play


Modder Makes Aliens: Colonial Marines Actually Fun to Play

Now we just need a mod where every texture is a portrait of Jones the cat.

For those who are unaware, the tale of Aliens: Colonial Marines is one of loss, woe, and hot messes. After over a decade in development, the rocky process resulted in what can only be described as a trainwreck. Needless to say, Aliens: Colonial Marines was not the game the developers intended to make at the start, much less does it do any justice to its source material. Thanks to the PC modding community, though, it just might finally be that game worthy of bearing any likeness to the science-fiction horror film franchise.

TemplarGFX is a modder on ModDB, that has completed a total overhaul of nearly every facet of Aliens: Colonial Marines, from the cosmetic changes to the inner workings of the game’s core mechanics. Specifically, the artificial intelligence has received the biggest upgrade to really change the way enemy Xenomorphs behave, allowing for an actual intense challenge when playing through the game.



Naturally, this also means that the game will become much more difficult, but Xenomorphs shouldn’t be easy to kill anyway. The game’s cogs have altogether been transformed to provide a more complex experience with enemies more easily adapting to various situations and quickly adjusting their tactics. Your allies have also had their health greatly reduced to increase the tension, and their own artificial intelligence has been reworked to more accurately be the allies you need them to be.

Overall, substantial balancing has been across the board, from enemy and ally movement and abilities to the firearm mechanics turning Aliens: Colonial Marines from the game equivalent of Mean Girls 2 to possibly making it more of a Mean Girls 1, satisfying and memorable. You can check out the full list of the metric ton of modifications done to the game right here and then download it yourself to try out the overhaul.

Have you tried TemplarGFX’s ACM Overhaul? Can you finally enjoy Aliens: Colonial Marines like you wish you would have? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

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