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This Rise of the Tomb Raider Scene Was Rewritten 47 Times


This Rise of the Tomb Raider Scene Was Rewritten 47 Times

It had to be perfect.

During the Rise of the Tomb Raider Game Developer’s Conference panel, the head writer, Rhianna Pratchett, gave some insight on a particular scene that took them quite a number of tries to get just right for the final game.

The “Rock Bottom” scene– which in the final game is the flashback that starts after you finish the snowy mountain tutorial– was actually rewritten a whopping 47 times during the process. In fact, it was actually meant to be the original opening to the game but out of a need to get players started into the action right away, it was moved.

The scene is meant to capture just how hard of a time Lara Croft is having assimilating to life as a regular person. It took on many forms before settling into the obsessed with immortality final cut. One iteration had her waking up from a nightmare within a public place and having bystanders looking at her like she’s crazy. Another featured her paranoia making her pick up a stick, ready to attack random guys that she mistakenly thought were following her. Each one was just attempting to flesh out more and more the concept of Lara Croft’s “rock bottom” moment as she struggles with the events that followed 2013’s Tomb Raider.

It’s a sign of the work and preparation that went into Rise of the Tomb Raider to cultivate the story in the best way possible by the collaborative writing team. Rise of the Tomb Raider was recently in the news when it was revealed that the PC version of the game tripled the Xbox One’s first month sales.

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