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Why Destiny Doesn’t Need to Worry About The Division


Why Destiny Doesn’t Need to Worry About The Division

It’s going to take more to rip away dedicated Destiny players.

Division and Destiny

When Destiny came out about a year and a half ago, to say it made a big splash would be a massive understatement. Despite how some might feel about the excitement surrounding the game, a community grew fast, and it grew strong. Strong enough that plenty of people still continue to play to this day.

Still, Destiny isn’t designed to maintain full speed forever, and into the midst of its content lull stepped The Division. Another shared-world shooter with the promise of a sweet, beautiful loot grind. To a devoted but bored, Destiny player, nothing could have sounded better. Even here at Twinfinite we started asking the question, “Is The Division the new Destiny?”

Now, it’s certainly unfair to compare an established, highly-patched game to one that just came out. The Division needs some time to catch up before that becomes a fair debate. However, content aside, there are already clear reasons why The Division just isn’t built to hold the attention of gamers like Destiny has. A fact making it all the more plausible that many will leave the snowy streets of New York, and return to the Tower, before too long.

In The Division, the Dark Zone is wonderfully unique and dangerous. Likewise, the four challenge missions are incredibly challenging. And adding to that, the customization is deep, and it could take forever to build that perfect character. But in the end, it’s hard to not think that maybe, that’s just not enough.

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