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SMITE Announced for PlayStation 4; Closed Beta Opt-Ins Open


SMITE Announced for PlayStation 4; Closed Beta Opt-Ins Open

The popular MOBA descends onto the PS4.

Surprise! SMITE is coming to the PlayStation 4, and sooner than you might think. It was announced today via the PlayStation Blog that the popular MOBA, which up until today has been exclusive to PC and Xbox One, would be making the jump to Sony’s flagship console. Here’s what SMITE will bring to the PS4 table according to the SMITE people themselves:

“Smite always has been and always will be completely free-to-play. Once the Beta begins, PS4 players will have instant access to all of Smite’s game modes, as well as Smite’s five free gods (Ymir, Thor, Neith, Guan Yu, and Ra) and any gods currently available in the free rotation. Additional gods may be unlocked with Favor or Gems, or via special community events.

As Smite makes its way to PS4, the Closed Beta will introduce several new skins for the gods of Smite, each available exclusively through PS4. Odin’s “World’s Collide” skin will serve as the free reward for players who link their PS4 accounts to their Hi-Rez PC accounts. Additionally, Kulkulkan’s “KuKu4” skin serves as the exclusive reward for all PS Plus members.

Finally, Ymir’s “C4codemon” skin can be found in the PS4 Founder’s Pack, which will be available for purchase on PlayStation Store during the Closed Beta period. Aside from “C4codemon” Ymir, the Founder’s Pack also unlocks all present and future gods in Smite, 400 Gems, an Ares “Soldier of Fortune” skin, and a key for instant beta access. The Founder’s Pack will be available at $29.99 USD, however players who would rather join the beta for free can opt-in to receive a free Beta invite here.”

Sounds good to us. As far as a release date on this puppy? Closed Alpha is already underway with a Closed Beta planned for early March. Players can opt-in to the Closed Beta right away by signing up here. You can also get a taste of the action if you haven’t already by checking out a new trailer released just for PS4 fans today:

Pumped to finally get your MOBA on PS4 fans? Let us know in the comments.

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