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Rumor: Pokemon Sun and Moon to Be Announced This Weekend

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Rumor: Pokemon Sun and Moon to Be Announced This Weekend

You rise with the sun…

This weekend will be the 20th anniversary of Nintendo’s super popular Pokemon franchise, and there’s already going to be some cool stuff planned to celebrate the momentous occasion. One such cool thing may be the announcement of two new games in the series, at least according to this pair of trademarks from the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market.

Two trademarks have been registered for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and both have their own very real looking logos that fall in line with previous entries in the series. What’s more, these trademarks were registered today. No platform specifics or other details are given, but the 3DS seems like a no-brainer. Possibly for the Wii U as well?

Guess we’ll find out tomorrow, when they have their Nintendo Direct that’s going to literally be “all about Pokemon“. It’s only going to be five minutes long, but who knows just all they can pack into such a short time.

Think we’ll see these during the Nintendo Direct tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below.

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