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Here’s Some Future Improvements Coming to Street Fighter V


Here’s Some Future Improvements Coming to Street Fighter V

Shoryuken the Rage Quitters!

In Capcom’s newest blog entry, Capcom employee “haunts” lists some upcoming changes to their newest fighting game, Street Fighter V’s online multiplayer.

One of the biggest complaints Street Fighter V players are having with the multiplayer is the disconnecting players (aka Rage Quitters). Right before a player would lose the match, he/she would disconnect — saving their League Points and their win streak.

Street Fighter V Necalli

Without adding any specifics to the upcoming Rage Quitter problems, Capcom insures that the most serious offenders would will get the worst of the repercussions. Haunts also wants players to record their sessions in which Street Fighter V players encounter a disconnecting player, that way proper evidence would be gathered against the offender.

Also, the new fighter is receiving some matchmaking improvements for both Ranked and Casual matches for Europe, the Middle East and other regions. One of those fixes that came to other areas reduced wait time for many of the game’s online features.


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