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Far Cry Primal’s Xbox One File Size Is Much Smaller Than Far Cry 4’s

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Far Cry Primal’s Xbox One File Size Is Much Smaller Than Far Cry 4’s

It’s not MAMMOTH in size!

The file size of Far Cry Primal for the Xbox One has been released on the game’s official page on the Xbox Live store and it’s surprisingly compact, especially considering the large open worlds that Ubisoft loves to make.

WCCF Tech reports the file size for the Xbox One version of Far Cry Primal is only 11.97GB, which is pretty small fry when you consider that Far Cry 4 eats up 21.28GB. Still, we’re just glad we won’t have to risk deleting our old games in order to make room for it.

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The exact size of the PC edition of the game is yet to be announced but the game’s Steam page advises you’ll need at least 20GB free. We’ve had a look to see if the PlayStation Network has updated the Far Cry Primal page but there’s nothing as of yet. It seems likely that it’ll be similar in size to the Xbox One version.

Far Cry Primal is set in the Stone Age and will force players to survive in a brutal world full of Mammoths, Saber-tooth Tigers, and most deadly of all, other humans. It’s due to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 23.


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