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Bethesda Will Make More Mobile Games

Fallout shelter

Bethesda Will Make More Mobile Games

Fallout Shelter is just the beginning.

Following the unexpected popularity (and profits) of Fallout Shelter, Bethesda game director Todd Howard says the studio will be making more mobile games.

Speaking to GameSpot at the 2016 DICE Summit, Howard said developers have been inspired to create more games for mobile devices, partly due to the low entry barrier for both players and creators.

“It’s in your pocket,” he said, “a lot of [the games are] free or easy to try. So every time you’re playing, you’re thinking, ‘We could do one of these, I think we could do something special here.’ So we’re gonna do more.”

Though Fallout Shelter is reported to have raised over $5 million in profits in its first two weeks, Howard says Bethesda is more concerned with quality content than profits.

“I think if you expect, ‘Yeah, it’ll be number one and out-gross Candy Crush for a while,’ you’re generally going to be set up for failure and disappointment,” he shared. “Mostly we were concerned with it being appropriate for who we are – meaning it’s got a bit more meat on the bone than other things like it.”

No word yet on whether the games will be based on current franchises, but let us know what kind of Bethesda games you’d like to see on your local app store!

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