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Square Enix Offers Free Downloads of Omikron as a David Bowie Tribute

David Bowie is in every video game, Boz, Omikron, The Nomad Soul

Square Enix Offers Free Downloads of Omikron as a David Bowie Tribute

Square Enix pays tribute to David Bowie.

In 1999, David Bowie was involved in the creation of the Quantic Dream game Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Bowie provided creative input on the game’s story and design, and even made two cameo appearances in the title. As a tribute to the musician, Square Enix are offering free downloads of this game for the next week.

Today, Square Enix posted a tweet on their official account with details on this tribute to Bowie. The image shows the character Boz from Omikron, one of two characters that Bowie lent his voice to in the game.

Until Jan. 22, the game is available for free in the North American and European Square Enix stores by entering the coupon code “omikron”.

Aside from his two cameo appearances, David Bowie also contributed music to this game. He rewrote lyrics from his own songs specifically to fit the game, and the soundtrack contains instrumentals composed by Bowie and unlockable songs from him.

David Bowie had a strong influence on games through his career. He inspired countless video game characters, and his music enhanced the soundtracks to numerous games. With his appearances and music playing throughout, Omikron: The Nomad Soul is a great game to play in tribute to his life and career.


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