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League of Legends Champion Jhin Splash Art and Ability May Have Been Leaked


League of Legends Champion Jhin Splash Art and Ability May Have Been Leaked

Could these images give us an insight to the mind of the virtuoso?

Earlier today, images that appear to show League of Legends’ new champion Jhin leaked online. Reddit user Haas360 posted the images to the game’s Reddit page, saying they were initially posted by a user onto League’s Facebook account and then quickly taken down.

Jhin league of legends

Starting with the splash art, it depicts Jhin wearing an outfit similar to Fiora, staring into a broken mirror. The image itself does resemble official League of Legends splash art, and since Jhin in the trailer seems to be wearing black, this could actually be a image of one of his secondary costumes.

Speaking of the leaked art though, what is Jhin’s metal arm attached to and what’s up with that hunch? Well, some fans on Reddit have come up with their own theories.  For example, Reddit user Zeofar noted that “The mask, prosthetic arm, and broken mirror paint the picture that his fascination with beauty and making people ‘perfect’ stems from his own imperfections.”

Meanwhile, the other leaked image seems to show one of Jhins abilities, which looks to have an insane range. The image also shows that along with a mana, Jhin may have a third resource. Judging from the picture, Jhin will be able to hold onto four of these at a time; perhaps they will function as power ups similar to Rengar and his Ferocity stacks.

Jhin league of legends

So what do you think of these new leaked images? Let us know in the comments below.

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