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Mortal Kombat X Could Be Getting a Much Needed Performance Upgrade

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X Could Be Getting a Much Needed Performance Upgrade

Are NetherRealm Studio’s going to improve Mortal Kombat Xs netcode?

Since Mortal Kombat X released last year, NetherRealm Studio has done a good job of updating the game with new characters, patches, and more. However, one of the major complaints fans still have is the game’s online performance, which has been improved since launch but still remains its weakest component.

Things may be looking up for Mortal Kombat X fans, though, because earlier today the series creator Ed Boon, who has a habit of teasing upcoming announcements on Twitter, posted the following comment hinting at an improvement to the net code. His comment said the following:

So much more GOOD news on the horizon for the Mortal Kombat X GAME beyond Kombat Pack 2. Stay tuned, and PEACE OUT!

The message was also accompanied with a picture and a message saying “Mortal Kombat X Peace Out.” While it may seem a little odd that he capitalized certain words, some people noticed that the first letter of each of the words spell GGPO.

GGPO is the name of a predictive net code used in a multitude of fighting games, created by a programmer named Tony Cannon. When someone tweeted this theory to Ed Boon, he replied with “Hmm… Interesting theory.”

Community manager Tyler Lansdown also noted that NetherRealm Studios will be revealing some new Mortal Kombat X news later today:

Some fun news coming tomorrow. GGs

So do you think that Ed Boon’s tweet means that Mortal Kombat X is getting a much needed netcode improvement? Let us know in the comments below.

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