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Black Desert Online Is Giving Away Prizes for Ugliest Character Creations


Black Desert Online Is Giving Away Prizes for Ugliest Character Creations

Don’t hold back.

Black Desert Online, a role-playing MMO famous for its in-depth character creator, made its touted creation tools available to the public today. Now, the team behind Black Desert Online is holding a Beauty and the Beast contest, searching for the ugliest BDO characters imaginable and offering prizes in return. Now all that time you’ve spent in character creators trying to birth the most hideous, nature-defying creature possible might finally pay off.

You can download the character creator for free here, make whatever monstrosity you want, and then enter a screenshot over at the contest page. Don’t hold back, because according to the rules, “your character has to look as ugly as possible.” The most beastly entries will be awarded with beta codes, t-shirts, in-game currency, and a horrifying figure of the game’s Black Spirit.

The game’s next closed beta is set to start Feb. 18, with the full release scheduled for first quarter 2016. You can watch the character creation process in this new trailer, or watch the Twinfinite team get stuck at the edge of the beta and drown in the off-map void below.

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