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Pachter Claims 2016 Release for Nintendo NX Unlikely


Pachter Claims 2016 Release for Nintendo NX Unlikely

Tell me your secrets, NX…

Video game analyst Michael Pachter keeps his eyes on the industry like a hawk, and his latest claim is that Nintendo’s next home console system, currently codenamed NX, is unlikely to be released in 2016. In his latest episode of the Pachter Factor, he reminds us of when Nintendo had supposedly been pushing to ship 20 million NX units next year, however, this in itself is suspect. As the Nintendo Wii U has sold approximately 11 million since its launch, it wouldn’t be financially sound to assume they would immediately think to ship almost twice as much for its upcoming console; consumer confidence just isn’t high enough right now.

Primarily, however, Pachter has claimed that he has had no Western developers inform him that they have been sent NX development kits, as they typically would, apparently. As such, he says he has reason to believe it likely won’t end up being released in 2016 after all. Since E3 2015, it had been reported that several developers were already given dev kits, and the Wall Street Journal had reported in October that Nintendo had begun primary distribution of the development kits.

With these conflicting tales, either Pachter’s friends are keeping secrets from him or nobody really has any dev kits yet. One thing is for sure, though: Nintendo will be giving details about the NX next year, whether it releases then or not. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on the console’s developments, and informed you as the information rolls in.

Do you think the Nintendo NX is going to release in 2016, and what do you think it will be like?

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