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Final Fantasy XIV is Dirt Cheap Right Now to Try If You Haven’t

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is Dirt Cheap Right Now to Try If You Haven’t

A sale reborn.

Are you a big Final Fantasy fan but never got into the two numbered MMORPGs? You’re in luck then because Square Enix and Humble Bundle have an offer that’s going to be pretty hard to refuse.

For the next 13 days, Square Enix and Humble Bundle have teamed up to offer up a bundle of Square Enix games for super cheap. Stuff like Life is Strange, games from the Tomb Raider series, Hitman Absolution, and Just Cause legacy games can be had for under $10.

Final Fantasy fans though should take note that paying above the average (currently $5.07) will net you Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the excellent relaunch of the mostly terrible original Final Fantasy XIV.

Here are the important details to note if you’re tempted by this deal. The game offer is only valid for the Windows version of the game (so make sure your PC can handle it). FF XIV is a subscription based MMORPG, however this deal comes with a one month free trial, which is more than enough time to see if the game is for you.

Finally, it’s important to note that this does not come with the new expansion, Heavensward, which was released earlier this year back in June. However, Heavensward requires players to complete all of the A Realm Reborn story content anyway (which is pretty lengthy). By the time you actually complete it, you should know whether or not you like the game enough to subcribe and pick up the expansion to continue playing to access the current end game content.

Final Fantasy XIV has blossomed into an excellent MMORPG that is great for first time MMORPG players and Final Fantasy fans. There are tons of references to older Final Fantasy games such as the Crystal Tower from Final Fantasy III and the Warring Triad from Final Fantasy VI. For $5 bucks and all the other games you’ll get too, it’s hard not to at least give it a shot if you’re a big Final Fantasy fan with a good PC.

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