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FFXIV Lightning Strikes Crossover Items Return, but Not in the Way You Were Hoping

FFXIV Lighting Strikes

FFXIV Lightning Strikes Crossover Items Return, but Not in the Way You Were Hoping

Turns out Lightning doesn’t strike three times.

Over the past few years Square Enix has held a crossover event between Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XIII called Lightning Strikes. Players that complete this quest can receive FFXIII themed armor and weapons that are modeled after Lightning and Snow’s attire. Despite only being for show (glamour), these items were popular since they stand out and are quite appealing to the eyes. FFXIV is just as much about style than anything else.

Because of all this, many were wondering if the Lightning Strikes quest would return this year. Well we have good news and bad news about that one. According to a post from the official Japanese Final Fantasy XIV forums (originally reported on by Dualshockers), the Final Fantasy XIV Lightning Strikes crossover quest will NOT return but the items will via micro-transactions.  All of the items  will eventually make their way over to the Mog Station, FFXIV’s online real money shop for in game items. The items will be sold via the following two bundles:

“Snow equipment set + hairstyle coupon + one weapon AND/OR Lightning equipment set + hairstyle coupon + one weapon”

FFXIV Lightning Strikes

As for whether or not Lightning Strikes is canned? There’s no word on that. It could be because Square Enix chose to instead to run the Final Fantasy XI crossover event, The Maiden’s Rhapsody, that Lightning Strikes is MIA. Or it could be that instead of Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix will run a Final Fantasy XV crossover event later on in 2016 around the release of that game. Heavensward also draws on a lot of inspiration from FFXIII (along with Final Fantasy VI). According to the Dualshockers report, the release date of the Lightning Strikes items to the Mog Station store will be “communicated at a later time.”

Hopefully it isn’t too expensive for those of us that missed the quest.

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