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Destiny: Sparrow Racing League Officially Released


Destiny: Sparrow Racing League Officially Released

Speed kills.

Bungie has just released its highly anticipated Sparrow Racing League today on Destiny’s servers.

The official patch is 2.1.0 and will cover many things other than just Sparrow Racing League. Such as Titan class balances, weapon tweaks and more.

These Sparrow races will take place both on Mars and Venus in highly competitive six-player racing. The higher you place in the event the higher your Event Standing you will earn.

Sparrow Racing League will only be available for a limited time but you’ll be able to unlock emblems, gear, shaders and even horns for your Sparrows. During the event you can earn different licenses to unlock better rewards.

Destiny Sparrow Racing

To get started in these six-player races, make sure you travel to the Tower and talk to Amanda Holliday who will send you on your way. Ms. Holliday will handout daily quests for you to complete as well.

Have you guys tried out the Sparrow Racing League? What did you think? Is this what you always wanted in your Sparrow Races? Let us know in the comments below!

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