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Destiny Players Can Now Pay to Boost Their Character Level

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Destiny Players Can Now Pay to Boost Their Character Level

No grinding necessary.

Today, a micro-transaction appeared on the French PlayStation Store that allows Destiny players to boost their character to level 25.

There are three packs, one for each class, costing $30 dollars a pop. It is unclear how much it will cost in other territories but players can expect more information when stores are updated later today, or tomorrow in other countries.

Bungie is clearly trying to ensure that all the content included in The Taken King is accessible to all owners of the expansion. Last week they announced that they would be moving away from the ‘monolithic DLC packs’ of the last few months, and towards event based ad-ons, such as Sparrow Racing. Destiny senior designer Derek Carroll said, “this way everybody who’s an owner of Taken King can enjoy these things.” The new level boost option gives new Destiny players the chance to play the new content now rather than waiting for their character’s level to be high enough.

Do you think new Destiny players should pay for the character boost? Let us know in the comments.

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