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Destiny Adds a Sparrow Racing League Next Week


Destiny Adds a Sparrow Racing League Next Week

Become Racing Legend.

In Destiny, every player gets a Sparrow speeder bike to allow them to traverse planets more easily. Starting Dec. 8, the Sparrow Racing League will let them use those bikes for their true purpose: racing against friends for fun and prizes.

Anyone who has Destiny: The Taken King is eligible to compete in the Sparrow Racing League. The racing courses will be set up on Mars and Venus, and will include a number of deadly obstacles and enemies to avoid. Each race supports up to six players.

The trailer shows off some of the racing courses and a new feature that allows racers to do mid-air tricks on the Sparrow.

Players can win new Sparrows, armor, and shaders by competing in the Sparrow Racing League. This is a limited time event that will only run from Dec. 8 to Dec. 29.

Bungie also announced some PlayStation 4-exclusive content for Destiny at the PlayStation Experience keynote. The monthly Iron Banner PvP event will add new gear rewards that can only be gained by PlayStation 4 players.

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