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Realistic Graphics Mod Takes Star Wars: Battlefront to Next Level Awesome


Realistic Graphics Mod Takes Star Wars: Battlefront to Next Level Awesome

Play Star Wars: Battlefront in movie-like graphics

There’s a new mod about to make the rounds for Star Wars: Battlefront that will give PC players the opportunity to play with movie-like graphics. Recently uploaded images by imgur user MartinBergman reveal what appears to be, arguably, some of the most realistic graphics in video game history. The images show the enhanced and totally realistic effect of Toddyhancer graphic mod (build 2) on Star Wars: Battlefront.

The level of detail displayed in these images is undoubtably impressive, taking videogame graphics and potential immersion to a whole new level. While Star Wars: Battlefront’s original graphics on their own are still incredible, this mod certainly ups the ante and gives players the impression of being within an actual Star Wars movie.

The mod improves overall clarity and surface textures, with enhanced lighting and shadowing, and MartinBergman says the it will drain around 30-40 FPS. Other imgur users were quick to comment on the fact that their computers would likely crash and burn if they attempted to use the mod.

It’s as if a million computers cried out and were suddenly silenced… – daddymonk

Regardless of average computer processor speeds, this mod is an exciting addition to Battlefront for PC users, giving them the opportunity to play a fantastic game in stunningly realistic graphics.


Would you even attempt to run such a mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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This post was originally written by Luke Kimber.

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