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Hearthstone World Championship 2016 Quadruples Last Year’s Prize Pool

Hearthstone Tournament 2015

Hearthstone World Championship 2016 Quadruples Last Year’s Prize Pool

Blizzard is raising the stakes.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the details for the Hearthstone World Championship of 2016. Like many other competitive games, Hearthstone’s esports league is getting bigger every year. This year our benevolent overlords at Blizzard Entertainment are offering a prize pool of $1,000,000 to the one who can blast their way through the competition and earn the title of Hearthstone World Champion.

Each region will host three seasonal tournaments in the summer, spring and winter, and the winners will will advance to the world championship. The seasonal tournaments each have a $100,000 prize pool.

Participants for the preliminaries to these seasonal championships will be selected by a point system. Players can earn points by participating in ranked play sessions, onsite Hearthstone Major Tournaments, and online Hearthstone Cups.

Preliminaries will take the top 128 players of each region. The top eight players will advance to the seasonal championship. At the seasonal championship, they will be divided into two groups, with the top two of each group facing off in a single elimination bracket until only one competitor remains.

Additionally a spot in each region is reserved as a Last Call Invitational, selected from the top remaining 8 players in each region, based upon points. Points will decay between seasonal tournaments, so accumulating those points is now more important than ever. Blizzard has also modified the system for points, making it even more challenging. The winners of the Hearthstone Major Tournaments and Hearthstone Cups will receive comparatively fewer points than last year.

The world championship will take place in the fall of 2016, and will feature the best four players from each region, leading to sixteen of the best Hearthstone players in the world facing off.

Find out more at Blizzard’s tournament announcement.

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This post was originally authored by Donald Seburn.

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