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Fallout 4’s Vault-Tec Phone Number Actually Works


Fallout 4’s Vault-Tec Phone Number Actually Works

 Did you know you can actually call the Vault-Tec help line? It’s not very useful, as one would expect from Vault-Tec, but the hotline number is right at the start of Fallout 4.

After you get through the grueling character creation process (seriously, where are jowls supposed to go??), head over to the kitchen to find the Vault-Tec poster. The number, 1-888-4-VAULTTEC, actually works when you dial it in real life. That’s 1-888-482-858832, if you don’t like letters.

Fallout 4 vault tec phone number poster

After a few rings, you’ll be greeted with a pre-recorded message:

“Thank you for calling VAULT-TEC, your first choice in post-nuclear survival. We’re sorry, but due to unexpectedly high call volume, all representatives are currently busy. Please, stay on the line, and someone will be with you as soon as possible. There are -101 million- callers in front of you. Estimated wait time: -78,643 hours-. Thank you for calling VAULT-TEC. Have a wonderful day.”

Let us know if you gave the world’s leading Vault company a call, and for more on Fallout 4, check out the stories below.

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