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Fallout 4’s Biggest Mystery May Be These Two Skeletons and Their Safe


Fallout 4’s Biggest Mystery May Be These Two Skeletons and Their Safe

The Wasteland of Fallout 4 is full of surprises just waiting for players to discover. There are hidden areas to find, railroad marks hidden around the map, and now a very strange scenario involving two skeletons and a safe.

The screenshot, Reddit user Optimus-Christ uploaded the photo with the caption, “Whatever is in this safe, must be good.” The comments then set ablaze with theories as to what is inside the safe, and why exactly one of the skeletons is naked.

User palejiujitsu suggested that the contents of the safe would be $10 cash, a coffee mug and maybe a toy race car, based on the classic Fallout logic. Hey, we wouldn’t say no to a toy race car right about now. It’d scrap for some handy crafting parts.

fallout 4 skeletons fighting ammo

The contents of the safe are definitely important and may explain the scene between the two skeletons, but some Reddit users raised the very valid question: “Why is one of the skeletons naked?” You can check out the post and all of its theory comments here.

What really went on here? And what exactly in the safe is worth strangling someone over? We hope someone manages to crack the safe soon and answers all of our questions.

Have you come across any similarly weird sights across the Wasteland? Let us know in the comments below.


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