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Fallout 4: Where and How to Change Your Hair at a Barber


Fallout 4: Where and How to Change Your Hair at a Barber

So you’ve made your character exactly how you wanted them to be and you’ve played a bit of Fallout 4. You’ve settled down, leveled up, and gotten a few companions… but what if you’re sick of the way she or he looks with that do? No one feels the same way about a haircut forever, so why should your lone wanderer strut around rocking the same head they did 200 years ago?

It’s time to find John, he is your new best friend. He’ll make sure you look as on fleek as possible while you’re killing raiders. To get a haircut, head over to Diamond City. Simply go straight from the main entrance for a bit and to your left should be the salon with John working his magic. It’ll cost you 15 caps to change your haircut and there are even secret ones that weren’t available at the start of the game. Additionally, facial hair options and the general color can be changed up.

Go forth and look stylish, my child.

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