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Fallout 4 PSA: You Can Buy Another Dog For Your Settlement

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Fallout 4 PSA: You Can Buy Another Dog For Your Settlement

Walking the wasteland is made slightly less depressing with a companion by your side. Whether or not you’ve chosen Dogmeat to be your primary chosen company, we can all agree that he’s a pretty great dog to have by your side. Well, it just so happens that you can get another dog in Fallout 4 if you’re lucky.

If the Fallout 4 gods are shining down on you, you may be lucky enough to see a guy wandering across the wasteland going by the name of Gene. Speak to him and he’ll compliment your dog but say it looks lonely, before offering you some company for Dogmeat.

You can quiz him about why he’s selling the dog, tell him you’re not interested, postpone the decision or choose to accept for 250 caps. If you choose the option to buy, Gene gets a little apprehensive about making the deal. Reassure him with your conversational skills that you’ll take good care of the dog.

He’ll eventually see sense and realize you’re not gonna eat the poor dog. He’ll send the dog on its way and a menu will pop up in front of you asking which settlement you’d like the dog to go to. The dog will give you an additional 5 defense and increase your settlement’s happiness stat, so send it to whichever could do with these boosts the most. Give it about twelve hours in game time and head over to the settlement to see your new settlement mascot. It’s pretty cute!

Have you been lucky enough to stumble upon Gene? Did you buy the dog for your settlement? Let us know in the comments below.

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