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Watch a Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Repaint Turn Plastic into Realistic Wasteland Metal

fallout 4 pip-boy repaint tutorial

Watch a Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Repaint Turn Plastic into Realistic Wasteland Metal

In case fresh, shiny plastic wasn’t doing it for you.

Bill Doran from Prop: Shop thinks the Fallout 4 official Pip-Boy’s shiny plastic exterior doesn’t exactly match the grungy Wasteland vibe of the game. Nothing some paint, sandpaper, and imitation dirt couldn’t fix.

Disassembling and refinishing an entire Pip-Boy might not be the easiest solution, but if the sheen of manufactured polyethylene is too overwhelming, Prop: Shop has posted a full tutorial and materials list on YouTube.

First thing’s first – taking the Pip-Boy apart. This requires some heavy duty screw removal and dismemberment. To make sure you don’t forget how to put it all back together and end up with a collection of really well painted bits and pieces, Bill recommends filming yourself while taking the Pip-Boy apart.

Because this type of plastic doesn’t like holding paint, it’s best to sand down the outer layer and add a primer coating before applying base-paint. Bill masked off any parts that didn’t need repainting, such as the black knobs. For these, he just brushed on graphite powder to add a metallic sheen. Next, he used stencils to re-apply text that had been sanded away.

After painting and detailing, the Pip-Boy is reassembled and ready for a dirt treatment. Using a special metal-mixed paint and a patina solution, Bill added layers of crusty rust that “matures” into various colors. Oil-based paints were applied and rubbed away to add a dirty, greasy look. Last were some silver highlights, a plastic screen cover, and some real screws to replace the fake ones.

Viola. Bill’s Pip-Boy is the grimiest, most metal piece of plastic this side of the fallout. Planning on following his lead and sprucing up your own Pip-Boy? Let us know in the comments below!

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