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Appropriately Named PC Version of the Original Disgaea is Coming to Steam

Disgaea PC

Appropriately Named PC Version of the Original Disgaea is Coming to Steam

Dood! There’s going to be a Disgaea PC!

The original Disgaea is finally coming to Steam! The newly announced, Disgaea PC (perfect right?!) will be coming to Steam in February 2016. However, developer NIS was quick to point out that Disgaea PC isn’t just a port.

Disgaea PC will include updated UI and textures and more control options via keyboard, mouse and controller support. Disgaea PC will also take advantage of its new platform including now standard Steam features such as Achievements, Cloud Saves, Badges, and trading cards.

See below for a full description of Disgaea PC and cross your fingers that this means more NIS Steam ports to come in the future.

Description via Steam: “Two years after the death of his father, Overlord Krichevskoy, the demon prince Laharl awakens to discover that the Netherworld is in turmoil. With unlikely allies, his devious vassal Etna and the angel trainee Flonne, he must battle his way to supremacy to retake the throne and become the next Overlord. Experience the SRPG classic, now on PC!

Key Features:

  • An SRPG from the most prolific SRPG creators in the world, Nippon Ichi Software
  • Choose from over 40 unique character types
  • Even with a max level of 9999, use Transmigration to start all over again, but your characters will be even stronger per level!
  • Delve into the Item World, a randomly generated dungeon world, to level up your items!
  • With max level characters and leveled-up items, dish out millions of points of damage!
  • Over-the-top battle animations
  • Geo Panels – A puzzle game within a Strategy RPG
  • Lift & Throw – Throw your allies up ledges to reach enemies in hard-to-reach spots, or toss your enemies around instead!
  • A zany story set in the Netherworld, where the notions of good and evil are reversed
  • New to Disgaea PC (It’s not just a port!):
    • Updated UI and textures
    • Keyboard/Mouse and controller support
    • Includes all content from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
    • New Steam features, such as Achievements, Cloud Saves, Badges, and trading cards”


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