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Enjoy Fallout 4 with a Real Bottle of Official Nuka Cola Quantum


Enjoy Fallout 4 with a Real Bottle of Official Nuka Cola Quantum

That shade of blue definitely looks drinkable.

Bethesda is going all out with the beverages these days. We already know Amazon UK will be selling specialty Fallout beer come November. Now, in timing with Fallout 4’s release, the US will be getting official Nuka Cola Quantum.

Partnering with Jones Soda, Bethesda is sending bottles of Quantum to Target retailers across the US. Starting November 10 (Fallout 4’s release date) you’ll be able to grab a bottle of definitely-not-concerning-blue drink from a Target near you.

There aren’t any additional details beyond the above tweet, but Target did note that this item will be exclusive to the US, perhaps justice for the fact that Amazon UK won’t deliver Fallout beer to the States. Sweet, sweet justice.

If you haven’t yet ordered Fallout 4 and want a warm pair of Fallout socks or a Vault Boy Pop! Vinyl to accompany your Nuka Cola Quantum, take a look at our guide to every Fallout 4 pre-order, bundle and special edition available. You can also check out the game’s full trophy/achievement list, as well as Bethesda’s explanation as to why there won’t be a demo.

If you need even more Fallout 4 hype, check out these custom Fallout PS4 and Xbox One controllers.

Ready to grab a bottle of Quantum and enter the Wasteland? Let us know in the comments how you’re preparing for Fallout 4’s release.

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