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Destiny: TTK Quest – How to Get Sleeper Simulant


Destiny: TTK Quest – How to Get Sleeper Simulant

The elusive gun has been found.

Update: The Sleeper Simulant is now available! The last part of the quest has now been added.

Even before the release of Destiny: The Taken King, people were talking about Destiny’s new exotic heavy weapon fusion rifle: the Sleeper Simulant. When the game was released, many people were curious about how they would unlock this highly coveted gun, especially after finding the four legendary “DVALIN” relics that are scattered randomly throughout the game. For weeks, there was no sign of what came next in the quest for the Sleeper Simulant.

However, starting on October 6th, 2015, if you’ve found the four legendary “DVALIN” relics, you will eventually receive a mission on Earth titled, “The First Firewall” with a recommended light of 260. If you wish, you can perform this with a fireteam of up to three guardians. The description reads, “Investigate Vault RAS-2 and investigate the source of the strange signal.” You know what that means. Time to find out more about the Sleeper Simulant from our good friend Rasputin.

Begin the mission, follow your nav, and soon you’ll find yourself in the Omnigul mission area of the vault. You’ll need to fight a few waves of Hive and Taken enemies culminating in a boss fight with a Hive ultra named Kandorak. If you’re the recommend light level or above, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Just bring your most powerful weapons, move quickly around the room when you need to, and take cover when you can find it. After you’ve defeated Kandorak, he will drop an item called the Curious Transceiver. When you go to the item in your inventory, you’ll need to enter four secret codes to proceed. Here they are for your convenience courtesy of Tubejitsu on Youtube.


After you’ve entered the correct sequences, the Curious Transceiver will now be broadcasting which initiates a mission called, “Shadow Call” on Earth. If you’re paying attention to the mission description, you may notice that this is a single player only mission so you’ll have to leave your fireteam behind. The mission takes you back to the area where you found Cayde’s stash.

You only have four minutes to complete this mission so if possible, we recommend sprinting past all of the enemies without stopping  If you find yourself dying, try using a sword or shotgun to quickly clear the path and keep moving. Eventually you reach three wizards with yellow health bars.Two will have void shield so a void heavy would be a good choice for this one. As well as perhaps a solar special weapon to finish off the last wizard. Take them out as quickly as possible because if you delay, an Echo of Oryx will spawn as well. If he does, just take him out fast too.

Upon mission completion, you will receive the exotic item, IKELOS Fusion Core. If you look at the item in your inventory, you’ll notice that it asks you to complete 5 bounties:


  1. Ionized Shell Harmonics
  • Complete “The Archive” mission on Venus on any difficulty.
  1. Heavy Power Coupling
  • Dismantle any Legendary heavy weapon.
  1. Plasma Confinement Control Module 1
  • Defend the Warsat during a public event on Earth.
  1. Plasma Confinement Control Module 2
  • Defend the Warsat during a public event on the Moon.
  1. Plasma Confinement Control Module 3
  • Defend the Warsat during a public event on Mars.

After you’ve completed all of these bounties, you’ll need to turn the IKELOS Fusion Core in to the Gunsmith. While you’re probably hoping this is the part where you get the Sleeper Simulant, it isn’t, there’s still one last phase.

After completing all of the previous objectives, you may need to wait sometime, currently it is believed to be about a day. Afterwards you’ll be given a new quest by the Gunsmith called “The Sleeper Stirs” which unlocks a new level 42 version of the strike, Fallen S.A.B.E.R. It’s already arguably one of the most difficult strikes in Destiny, so upping the level to two above the Guardian’s cap is a bit cruel on Bungie’s part. However, there is matchmaking for this so you don’t have to go at it alone. Still, try to bring two friends you trust just to be sure.

If you’re still having trouble, check out our strategy guide for Fallen S.A.B.E.R which has tips and tricks for each phase of the strike. Generally speaking, try to equip any armor that protects you from Arc attacks (provided the light on it is still high) and try not to rush the Warsat portion, which tends to be the trickiest part of the strike for many people.

Once you complete the strike, all you have to do is simply return to the Gunsmith and voila, you a have a 290 Sleeper Simulant! Really not as hard as many people were expecting provided you can work your way through that level 42 Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

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