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Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Beat the Perfect Crime


Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Beat the Perfect Crime

Sometimes the pursuit of beauty is a deadly thing.

Batman: Arkham Knight is finally available after a long wait. With it, comes a new and improved caped crusader, some new toys, and lots of new side missions. One such mission is titled The Perfect Crime, and it will lead Batman on a trail of mutilated corpses throughout Gotham. It is up to the player to seek out these unfortunate souls in an attempt to stop anyone else from getting hurt. This quest may seem a bit difficult at first (especially since the bodies are sometimes hard to locate), but we’ve taken care of all the confusing parts for you. Now all you need to do is stop that killer.

Batman: Arkham Knight is kind enough to lead you right to the first corpse so that you can trigger this Most Wanted mission and gather the first clues you need in figuring out just what is going on. It’s here that you learn how to locate more bodies, as well. Since the city in Batman: Arkham Knight is quite large, looking for a singular dead body is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. For The Perfect Crime, you will have to rely on auditory clues in order to pinpoint locations. There is always opera music playing nearby the corpse, so keep an ear out for it as you glide around (it’s much easier to notice when you’re not in the Batmobile). You can also listen for some of the police/criminal conversations where they will remark on a location.

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