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Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Beat Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos


Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Beat Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

The toughest boss in this game is a giant, flying slug.

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos, is probably the toughest boss you’ll face in Bloodborne. She can body slam you and take away 80% of your health, she can spew blood at you, and to make matters worse, she looks like a giant ugly slug. But here’s some good news: Ebrietas takes a lot of extra damage if you use bolt against her. Before you enter the fight, either bring in Bolt Paper with you, or imbue one of your weapons with a Bolt Blood Gemstone. The Tonitrus is an okay choice, but only if you’ve leveled it to at least +7 or +8.

While she’s rather slow in movement, she does have a good number of attacks that can reach you from a distance and deal a ton of damage to you. During her first phase, she’ll usually dish out a combo that involves her swiping her right tentacle, the left tentacle, and then doing a head slam on the ground right in front of her. This combo is relatively easy to dodge as you only have to sidestep left or right in order to keep out of harm’s way. If you’re not comfortable with sticking close to her, a good opportunity for you to attack is right after she does the head slam. You’ll have a window of about 2 seconds to rush in and hit her with all you’ve got. You can get about 2 or 3 hits in before you should start backing away again.

You’ll also need to be extra wary of her tentacles as she could grab you and chew you up, taking away your entire health bar. Yes, it’s essentially a one-hit KO attack. So dodge those tentacles like your life depends on it.

Should you choose to keep a safe distance from her during the fight, another attack you should watch out for is her blood spew. She’ll occasionally spit blood at you that causes frenzy, and you do not want that in your life. If your frenzy meter fills up, you’ll take massive damage, so you’ll want to consume a Sedative immediately if the blood hits you. The blood is pretty easy to dodge though; sidestepping in a particular direction should keep you safe from that attack.

Ebrietas has one more long ranged attack that can take out a lot of your health. When you’re a good distance away from her, she can execute a head-butt attack that propels her straight towards you from all the way across the arena. Again, this is easily avoided by dodge rolling to the side, but you have to pay close attention to her movements, as this is a very fast attack.

If you’re planning on keeping your distance from Ebrietas for the duration of this fight, and only take safe hits when you can, these are the moves that you’ll need to watch out for. She does have a second phase where she adds a few attacks to her move set, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Keeping your distance is a viable strategy, but that will make this a rather protracted fight, and it isn’t always easy to avoid all of her long ranged attacks either.

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