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DmC Devil May Cry Guide: How to Master Dante's Weapons


DmC Devil May Cry Guide: How to Master Dante's Weapons

A killer is only as good as his weapons, and Dante is one of the best demon killers in the business. Learn his secrets in this handy weapons guide to DmC Definitive Edition.



Rebellion is Dante’s trusty sword, handed to him as a memento from his dear old dad Sparda. Handy for slicing demons in half, deflecting bombs, countering attacks, and buttering toast. It’s the first weapon you acquire in the game, and the one you’ll be spending the most time with. Your best upgrades for this one are Trillion Stabs, Overdrive, and Roulette.

Trillion Stabs is exactly what it sounds like; you lunge towards your enemy and mash on the attack button for as long as you can. Overdrive is an upgrade to the Drive attack, only you can create three sword slashes instead of the one. Slash an enemy once, hold the attack button, then let ‘er rip. Roulette works the same way that Death Coil does, only in the air; you slash twice, pause, then attack again to watch Dante spin in the air and slash at his enemy like a beautiful dancer.

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