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A League of Legends Player’s Guide to Choosing a Smite God

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A League of Legends Player’s Guide to Choosing a Smite God

A resource for League of Legends players who want to try Smite but don’t know where to start.

If you’re a League of Legends player, you’ve likely heard about some of the other MOBAs out there that you could potentially be playing. Since a lot of the skillsets required in MOBAs are similar across the board, it’s not all that difficult to move across different games when you want to keep your experiences varied. In the case of Smite, the third-person perspective and greater focus on skillshots might not put it in the same league as League of Legends (hah) and Dota. Nevertheless there are definite similarities.

If you’re trying out Smite for the first time, or any other MOBA really, it’s often easier to transition when you can create links between the God/Hero that you choose and your favorite League of Legends champions. For that very reason, here are a few easy-to-play Smite heroes and the champions in League of Legends that they resemble. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive guide to these Gods. If you’d like to check out more thorough explanations and guides for each God, you can check out Smite’s Mobafire equivalent, Smitefire.

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