Yakuza: Like a Dragon for PS4 Gets New Screenshots Showing JRPG Battle Mechanics and More

Today Sega released a new gallery of screenshots and information about the upcoming JRPG for PlayStation 4 Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Yakuza 7

Today Sega released a new gallery of screenshots of the upcoming JRPG Ryu ga Gotoku 7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness, also known as Yakuza: Like a Dragon in the west.

The screenshots focus on the job system that will let the player change class during the game, its JRPG battle mechanics, and extreme attacks. 

First of all we take a look at two jobs that you can change into. 

The fist is “Bodyguard,” an attack-type job that wields a katana. Its attack can cause a bleeding effect that will inflict damage over time to opponents.

Its extreme skill is “Demon Slash,” a simple and powerful single-cut technique.

The second job is “Host,” which fights with a bottle. It’s a job with a lot of tricky techniques like attacks with a cold attribute used to chill the wine. You can also support your allies with cheers and confuse your enemies with sex appeal. 

The cold attacks literally make your enemies catch a cold dealing damage every following turn. That being said, you should be careful. If allies are close to your victim, they may catch a cold as well.

Its extreme skill is “Bubble Splash” that sprays cold champagne on your enemies also causing the cold effect.

Extreme skills are activated using MP (Mental Points) and have various effects including powerful attacks and healing. Which extreme skills are available depends on the job you have equipped. 

Many extreme skills have quicktime events called “Just Actions” similar to the old heat actions in the Yakuza series. By hitting the button prompted at the right time, you can greatly increase the effect.

Also, if you hit X with the right timing when you’re being attacked, you can guard and you will receive less damage.

Kasuga Ichiban basic job is “Freeter” (a Japanese term that indicates people lacking full-time employment, and are instead unemployed or survive with occasional jobs). This job is the only one with no weapons, and its first technique is “Slimming Punch” which has a chance to stun the enemy. If you hit the just action, you’ll cause more damage. 

You can then change job to “Brave,” fighting with a baseball bat. Its extreme skill “Mega Swing” can hit in a wide area, and inflicts additional damage if you nail the just action.

Namba’s basic job is “Homeless” and its extreme skill “Mysterious Cane” is a continuous attack using an umbrella or similar stick. While this is a job that portrays weakness, you can deal a lot of damage by executing a series of just actions. 

Adachi’s basic job is “Detective” featuring a powerful combat style. Its special attack “Relentless” is a poweful series of continuous attacks with the baton. If you keep hitting the just action you can increase the number of attacks.

Saeko’s basic job is “Chi-Mama” (a lady who administers an establishment for its owner). Her extreme skill is called “Handbag Wind ” and can cause damage to enemies around her in a wide area. A successful just action increases its damage.

The Live Command RPG system also includes situational attacks that involve positioning and the surrounding environment. 

Techniques that knock enemies back can cause additional damage to everyone involved if you send them flying into additional opponents. Since different extreme skills have different knockback effects, it’s important to use them tactically.

If you’re fighting close to a road, you can knock the enemies back into a running car. If that happens, you’ll cause a lot of damage. 

You can enjoy all the screenshots below.

If you’d like to see more about the game, you can check out the latest trailer that revealed iconic hero Kazuma Kiryu, a batch of screenshots introducing the men of the Seiryukaimore showing the Omi Union crew, a look at some inevitable product placement, and one at bonus costumes.

We also have plenty of gameplay from a while ago and the previous screenshot reveal, which, combined another, shows how the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio appears to be taking a page from Persona’s book.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon will launch in Japan on January 16, 2020, exclusively for PS4. It’ll also come west later next year, and a demo is already available on the Japanese PSN.

A few days ago, Microsoft and Sega announced that some Yakuza games are coming to Xbox One, but for now Yakuza: Like a Dragon remains PS4 exclusive.

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