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Zenless Zone Zero Best Ellen Build

The best Ellen build in Zenless Zone Zero

Ellen, an S-Rank ice DPS Agent, is really good at fighting up close in Zenless Zone Zero. She can dodge attacks and counter-hit fast, which can be helpful in close combat. To utilize Ellen’s full combat potential, the following build provides you with the best W-Engines, Disc Drives, and Bangboo for Ellen Joe in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Best Ellen ZZZ Build: W-Engines

Zenless Zone Zero Ellen Joe top 4 W Engines
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Ellen is a main DPS character, so increasing her damage during her Roaming State is important. Here are the best W-Engines for her basic attack-focused style: 

Deep Sea Visitor

This is an S-rank engine exclusively made for Ellen. It increases her Ice damage by 25% and Crit rate by 20% for nine seconds after she deals ice damage to any enemy. Since many of Ellen’s skills deal with ice damage, this crit would have a very high uptime.

The Restrained

If you don’t get Deep-Sea Visitors, try going for The Restrained. It is another S-rank engine, which is the second-best option for Ellen. Let me tell you why. It increases her ice damage by 20%. Any time a basic attack deals with ice damage, the Restrained will increase the damage by 12% and inflict more daze (toughness break). This could result in a 100% uptime boost to Ellen’s ice damage and daze if you use her ice damage attacks repeatedly.

Cannon Rotor

Another alternative S-rank W-Engine is suitable for Ellen. It increases Ellen’s crit rate by 8%, and when an attack lands a crit on an enemy, an additional 275% of the attack will be dealt with as damage. This effect only triggers every eight seconds.

Electro Lip Gloss

This is the recommended A-class W-Engine for Ellen. When enemies are inflicted with Attribute Anomaly, Ellen’s attack will increase by 10% and will deal an additional 15% damage to the target.

Best Ellen ZZZ Build: Disc Drives

Zenless Zone Zero Ellen Joe build best disc drives
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Since there are a total of six slots, you get a four-piece set and a two-piece set. I recommend you use the following disc combination, as they can make the most of Ellen’s powerful ice attacks.

Option 1

4 Set: Polar Metal

The basic and dash attack damage increases by 28%, which is quite overpowered. Additionally, when a squad member freezes or shatters an enemy, the buff will increase by another 28% for 12 seconds.

2 Set: Wood Pecker Electro

Along with a four-piece set of Polar Metal, run a two-piece set of Wood Pecker Electro. This will raise her crit rate by 8%.

Option 2

Replace both the discs with each other and you will still see pretty broken Stats.

4 Set: Wood Pecker Electro

The crit rate is still increased by 8%. Additionally, if a Basic, EX Special Attack or a Dodge Counter crits, Ellen will gain a stack of 9% attack boost. The duration of this stack will be independent of each type of move. 

2 Set: Polar Metal

This will increase the ice damage by 10%.

Your 4th, 5th, and 6th slots of your Disc Drives are Variable Main Stats. Following is the Disk Drives Stat priority.

Main stats:

  • Slot 4: Crit Rate% or Crit Damage
  • Slot 5: Penetration% or Attack% or Elemental Damage%
  • Slot 6: Anomaly Rate%

Sub stats order of importance:

  1. Crit Rate% or Crit Damage
  2. Penetration%
  3. ATK%
  4. Attribute Mastery

Best Ellen ZZZ Build: Bangboo

Zenless Zone Zero Sharkboo for Ellen Joe build
screenshot via Twinfinite

Bangboo’s can enhance your team’s overall damage output. The two best Bangboo I recommend for Ellen are:

  • Sharkboo: Sharkboo is great at building up Ice Anomaly and it benefits from having two or more Ice characters in your team.
  • Penguinboo: Another great budget option for teams running more than two Ice characters. It has one more skill than Sharkboo and a higher Ice Anomaly buildup rate.

If you use her correctly, Ellen is arguably the best S-rank character in the game right now. She can easily overpower any enemy if you know how to use her abilities well.

That’s all for this guide. Since you are here, you may also want to check out our other articles on Zenless Zone Zero. This includes ZZZ’s Tier List and Codes. Also check out our best Bangboo tier list, and best W-Engine tier lists.

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