Who Is the Magic Man in Moonstone Island? Explained

A friendly, yet forgetful fellow.

Magic Man saving the player in Moonstone Island
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Moonstone Island has plenty of quirky and intriguing characters to meet and build relationships with during your year of Alchemist Training. However, while there’s a wide variety of different personalities you can befriend, none are quite as mysterious as Magic Man. If you’ve found yourself wondering just who this strange being is, and what he supposedly gets up to during your playthrough, then we have all the answers you’ll need. Follow along below for everything you need to know about who Magic Man is in Moonstone Island.

Who Magic Man is & How to Find Him in Moonstone Island

While he may look to be some very strange and powerful wizard or alchemist with years of experience beyond your own, you don’t need to worry if you stumble across this quirky guy. Magic Man poses no threat to you during your years of Alchemist Training, and is one of your biggest allies and friends, saving you when you need it the most.

During your adventures, you may often stumble into battle against Spirits that are far too strong for your team, or run out of Stamina whilst trying to discover a new location. In this case, you’ll pass out from exhaustion, leaving you to the dangers of night and wild, untamed Spirits. Or, at least, you would be, if Magic Man wasn’t there to come to your rescue! Luckily, any time you faint, Magic Man will swoop in and carry you to safety. This will immediately end your day and cause you to sleep in late, but will also ensure that you keep all of your items and Spirits in one piece. Thanks, Magic Man!

Magic Man protecting the player from harm
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While you can find Magic Man by allowing your character to fall unconscious, you will not be able to engage in your typical conversations or Quests with him if you encounter him through this method. Instead, you’ll have to stumble upon him in his odd little house, which can easily be identified by the large red Alchemist Hat-shaped roof, and rather goofy chicken legs that enable it to move around from island to island.

Magic Man's house appearing on a Sky Island
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Magic Man encounters appear to be completely random. Make sure you spend time exploring as many Sky Islands as possible, and eventually, you’ll see him arrive, planting his house down for a rest. In this situation, you can enter his house and speak to him as you would any other character.

Upon doing so, you’ll notice though Magic Man is very friendly, his memory appears to be not all there. Magic Man will then seek your help in recovering his lost Memory Shards to restore his Memory Mirror, which can be discovered and collected by completing various Dungeons.

Magic Man's lost memories in Moonstone Island
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This is one of the main Quests that you can chip away at during your year of Alchemist Training, so it makes Dungeons even more worthwhile. Besides, you may even be able to get your hands on the odd Moonstone or two by prioritizing your Dungeon exploration, as the Treasure Chests inside have a chance at dropping them as rewards.

That’s everything you need to know about who Magic Man is in Moonstone Island. Now that you know this protective individual means you no harm and you’re ready to continue your Alchemist Training, why not check out our complete Moonstone Island Fishing guide? Fishing is a fun little activity that is great for making some quick cash, so feel free to take a look if you need some extra funds for building Furniture, making purchases, or completing Quests.

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