Fishing activity in Moonstone Island
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How to Get a Fishing Rod & Catch Fish in Moonstone Island

Reel 'em in! Here's how to get the fishing rod and catch fish in Moonstone Island.

Moonstone Island has plenty of activities you can partake in to stay occupied during your year of Alchemist training. Among them is fishing, but before you cast your line and aim to reel in a catch, you’ll need to ensure you have a Fishing Rod. If you’re feeling a little bit lost on how to obtain this tool, then don’t worry. Here’s how to get a Fishing Rod and catch fish.

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How to Get a Fishing Rod in Moonstone Island

Tobin's Shop in Moonstone Island
Image Source: Studio Supersoft via Twinfinite

First, you will need to visit Tobin’s shop on the Eastern side of town. You can easily locate this shop on the beachy terrain just in front of the docks, on the left side. If you get lost, look for a building with a big yellow fish on the roof.

Inside, you’ll be able to speak to Tobin during his work hours and purchase Fishing gear from him, including a Fishing Rod for 200 coins. It is a pretty good steal considering you can easily make this money back by angling for an in-game hour or two. You can also purchase Big Hooks or Swift Hooks to give you advantages in catching fish, but these aren’t necessary for participating in the Fishing minigame.

How to Fish in Moonstone Island, Explained

Fishing in Moonstone Island
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To fish in Moonstone Island, you’ll need to find a lake, pond, or beach (ocean). Then open your toolbar and select the Fishing Rod, stand to face the water, and hold the interact button (LMB or E for PC, and Y or A for Switch) to cast your line.

With your line in the water, wait a few seconds and see if you can snag a bite. If you get lucky with a fish taking a nibble, you’ll get a sound cue, and your lure will start bobbing up and down. When this happens, hold the interact button once again, and a small circle will pop up on the left side of your screen.

Fishing in Moonstone Island
Image Source: Studio Supersoft via Twinfinite

This is a tracking minigame, so all you need to do is move the smaller, dashed green circle to be on top of the fish silhouette and keep it on the fish as it swims around. After a moment, the green meter will fill up on the outside of the larger circle, and you’ll reel in your prize. You can keep fish that you catch to eat on your adventures to restore your Stamina, or you can choose to sell them to Tobin at his shop or through the Sell Crate at your house for some easy money.

That’s everything you need to know about where to get a Fishing Rod and how to catch fish in Moonstone Island. If you’re still settling into town and getting used to the game, then consider checking out our guide for 5 things to do first in Moonstone Island. For more, head to the links below.

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