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When Does the Next Valorant Battle Pass Release? Answered


When Does the Next Valorant Battle Pass Release? Answered

Here’s everything you need to know about when the next Valorant battle pass releases.

As it is at the start of every new Act, the next Valorant Battle Pass release date is highly anticipated by those who want to start grinding for shiny new weapon skins and cosmetics. In this guide, we’ll be running you through when you can likely get your hands on the new Episode 6, Act 2 battle pass content if you’re counting down the hours.

Valorant Episode 6, Act 2 Battle Pass Release Time & Date

The Valorant Episode 6, Act 2 Battle Pass will release on March. 7/8 at different times depending on your region. This will follow the scheduled downtime for the game for the upcoming patch for the new season, scheduled to take place several hours before. These are the typical release times for new Episodes and Acts in Valorant:

Asia Pacific: 14:00 PDT
Brazil: 06:00 PDT
Europe: 20:00 PDT
Korea: 14:00 PDT
Latin America: 06:00 PDT
North America: 06:00 PDT

Remember, you will need to convert these Pacific times to your local time, which in some cases will actually mean the following day.

When Does the Next Valorant Battle Pass Release?
Image Source: Riot Games via Twinfinite

The patch cadence in Valorant typically follows a two-week cycle, and the launch of new battle pass content, which is timed with each new Act, is always timed so it lands on the same date.

The new content coming with Act’s battle pass will be revealed closer to the date on Twinfinite.

As for how long the duration of this next battle pass will be, you can expect it to last roughly 50-60 days, which should be plenty of time to grind out all the tiers so long as you’re meeting your daily and weekly challenges.

That just about does it for when the next Valorant Battle Pass releases. For more on Riot Games’ competitive shooter, including everything you need to know about the game’s next Agent, check out the links below.

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