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V Rising: Where To Find Unsullied Hearts

V Rising - Where To Find Unsullied Hearts

V Rising: Where To Find Unsullied Hearts

As you progress further into your new life as a vampire in V Rising, chances are, you will find yourself needing an Unsullied Heart or two. If you hope to build more servant’s coffins and expand your army of darkness, getting Greater Blood Essence is key, and that will be where Unsullied Hearts are needed. Here’s everything you need to know about where to find Unsullied Hearts in V Rising.

Finding Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

The first opportunity for most players to get Unsullied Hearts is as drops from the various V Blood Bosses you can find in the world. Using the Blood Altar at your castle, you can track these bosses via blood trails, defeat them for additional blueprints, recipes, and even abilities, and hopefully pick up an Unsullied Heart.

You can repeatedly hunt down previously defeated V Blood Bosses, especially if you are at a much higher level, so the process can be hastened.

V Rising Unsullied Heart Errol the Stonebreaker

There is also the off-chance that an Unsullied Heart drops as random loot from enemies. Everything from wildlife to the various bandits and thugs you find out in the V Rising world can drop an Unsullied Heart, and as you make your way between V Blood Bosses, you should kill everything in sight to give yourself a better chance.

Should you find it impossible to get an Unsullied Heart to make Greater Blood Essence, do note that your Blood Press is able to craft one from 150 Blood Essence. Just make sure to get the recipe first.

V Rising Blood Press Unsullied Heart

Unlike the more common Tainted Hearts, if you are hoping for a drop, Unsullied Hearts are a much rarer commodity. Be sure to follow the steps on where to find Unsullied Hearts in V Rising as listed above for the highest chance of success. For everything else, be sure to search Twinfinite for other tips and information on the game.

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