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Every V Rising Waygate Location

V Rising

Every V Rising Waygate Location

V Rising is the latest vampire survival game from Stunlock Studios that features a massive map based on the world of Vardoran. However, travelling the vast regions of Vardoran isn’t a viable option as it will be a fairly time-consuming process to move from one point to another. Taking this into account, the game developers have incorporated a number of fast travel methods in V Rising to bring down your travel times. Waygates are considered to be one of the effective ways to fast travel in V Rising. Therefore. we’ll look at every Waygate location in the V Rising.

Waygate Locations in V Rising

Before moving forward, it’s worth noting that using V Rising Waygate has a huge drawback. It doesn’t allow you to teleport while carrying any resources in the inventory. Therefore, if your ultimate goal is to farm resources in V Rising, we advise you to get a horse.

Waygate Locations in V Rising
Image source: Stunlock Studios

V Rising, by default, offers ten Vampire Waygates in total that are scattered across the following locations on the map:

Cursed Forest

  • Waygate 1: In the eastern area of Witch Hunt near the Ancient Village.

Silverlight Hills

  • Waygate 2: To the eastern side of Harpy Nest and western side of Army Camp

Dunley Farmlands

  • Waygate 3: South of Mosswick Village, near Militia Encampment
  • Waygate 4: South of Dawnbreak Village
  • Waygate 5: South of the Bastion of Dunley

Hallowed Mountains

  • Waygate 6: At the top left corner of the region near Dunley Farmlands’ Militia Camp

Farbane Woods

  • Waygate 7: East of the Bandit Trapper Camp
  • Waygate 8: south of the Bandit Armory
  • Waygate 9: Located at the southwesternmost part of the map
  • Waygate 10: At the bottom right of Farbane Woods

How to craft a Vampire Waygate in V Rising

How to craft a Vampire Waygate in V Rising
Image source: Stunlock Studios

As you make progress, V Rising will grant you the ability to forge your own Vampire Gateway at your castle.

To build your Vampire Waygate, you first need to beat a level 34 boss located in the Gleaming Meadows known as Polora the Feywalker. She’s pretty tricky to defeat; hence make sure to gear up yourself with high tier weapons to pin her down.

After defeating her, you’ll be granted the ability to Vampire Waygate using the following collectables:

  • 200x Blood Essence
  • 20x Plank
  • 20x Copper Ingot
  • 10x Gem Dust

Do note that custom made Waygates can only be used by their owners.

So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about the V Rising Waygate locations. For more tips and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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