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Tarisland Classes Tier List (June 2024)

The more classes, the better!

Tarisland is a new upcoming free-to-play theme park MMORPG that is available and crossplay on mobile and PC. Today, we’re giving you our thoughts on the game’s nine classes through our Tarisland classes tier list.

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Tier List For Best Classes in Tarisland

RankingClass Name
SPriest, Mage
ABard, Phantom Necro, Paladin, Ranger, Shadow Swordsman
BBarbarian, Warrior

Tarisland is the kind of MMO that allows you to level the way you want as you make your way to the end game. Early on, you can do group activities like dungeons, PvP, or just side quests while you explore the map and gain rewards for map completion. So in that regard, it feels like Tarisland has taken some inspiration from GuildWars 2.

Each class has two specializations, so when making this tier list, how both specializations perform will be considered when placing the overall class. None of the following classes are necessarily bad, even if they aren’t ranked as highly.

The Tarisland classes tier list
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Barbarian – B Tier


  • Stalwart Frost Lion
  • Frenzied Blood Lion

The Lion-based Barbarians are much like their Warrior counterparts, where one specialization allows Barbs to tank while the other is raw melee damage. As a DPS, the Barbarian sacrifices some of the Warrior’s survivability to deal better burst damage and buff allies’ damage. Likewise, the tanky frost Barbarian is a decent off-tank through the use of taunts, slows, and self-heals.

That said, where they can fall short is in dealing with single-target enemies as effectively as groups, survivability as a tank, and getting to full power quickly.

Warrior – B Tier


  • War Shield
  • Rage

The Warrior’s specializations mean that you can choose to do pretty decent damage or become the team’s tank, or at least off-tank. What you choose is the difference between grabbing aggro and being resilient enough to survive, or lowering enemy defenses, self-healing, and even reducing the enemy’s ability to heal.

That said, the Warrior is really close to being in the A tier for being able to do both, and they are likely one or two buffs away from being able to do either/or well. There are simply slightly better choices for those roles at this time.

Bard – A Tier


  • Solo
  • Harmony

Tarisland’s Bard is quite a unique class. If you play as the Harmony specialization, you’re able to heal the team quite effectively while also raising your attack, and increasing your team’s defense. If you chose Solo, you’re given a somewhat complex mechanic that lets you create simplified three-note tunes, where each combination provides a different attack.

Not only is the Bard an effective damage dealer in its own right, but their Solo abilities allow you to also debuff enemies while buffing yourself. The Bard can be a bit tricky to play, but the utility they bring to the team makes the learning curve worthwhile.

Phantom Necro – A Tier


  • Soul Healing
  • Soul Snatch

The Phantom Necro is something of a necromancer in Tarisland, with her specializations allowing you to either heal and support or deal some impressive magical damage. With Soul Healing chosen, you can cast single target and AOE healing spells that not only heal but can also give regeneration or buffs like a move speed bonus, or even grant Vitality.

Soul Snatch on the other hand grants effective damage spells that feed into the class’s Soul Jar mechanic. That mechanic allows you to boost the damage of certain skills or summon a Wraith to fight with you for 20 seconds. While this class may not be a team’s main healer, their unique abilities certainly allow for a fresh playstyle that can excel at damage while helping the team.

Paladin – A Tier


  • Guard
  • Justice

The Paladin is another class like the Warrior and Barbarian. Where things go a bit differently is in the Paladin’s ability to be a half-decent DPS bruiser, while being an even better tank with not only self-healing but also damage mitigation from abilities that grant shielding. The Paladin’s class resource ‘Aegis Energy’ builds during battle and can be used to further buff your survivability. This is why the Paladin is an A-tier, at least for any kind of tanking role.

Ranger – A Tier


  • Tamed Beast
  • Hunting

Rangers are one of the few classes in Tarisland that are less team-oriented and more of a simple DPS class meant for damage and only damage. Each specialization has its own class resource. The Tamed Beast uses theirs to summon companions for a limited time. Meanwhile, Hunting is all about building stability by standing still and staying in the fight.

Stability, in particular, is effective at lowering your cooldowns and enhancing the damage of the Hunting Ranger’s skills. All in all, a great damage class to have to bolster melee, tanks, and healers.

Shadow Swordsman – A Tier


  • Cunning
  • Dueling

Shadow Swordsman is like the Ranger, just without the pets and with more poison and stealth. The Cunning specialization is all about stacking poison, buffing your damage, and dealing massive damage over time. On the other hand, Dueling is the Shadow Swordsman’s direct damage subclass. What’s different is that the entire specialization revolves around a tricky mechanic called the Roulette Showdown.

This mechanic is like a simplified clock, where each skill turns the clock hand in a certain direction, a certain number of spaces.

Priest – S Tier


  • Prayer
  • Faith

For healing, the Priest is easily the best option, especially if you’re a beginner to MMO games like Tarisland. That’s if you go with the Prayer specialization, but if you go with Faith, that’s where you get access to the Priest’s attacks and buffs. What puts the Priest in the S tier is how effective they are as healers and buffers. This is especially true with the simplicity of their spells and rotation.

Mage – S Tier


  • Chilly Spread
  • Explosive Embers

When it comes to area-of-effect attacks, either close or far, the Mage reigns king, or queen in this case. The fire-based specialization is going to be your go-to for big, bombastic attacks while being able to stay mobile. On the other hand, choosing frost gives you powerful crowd control and area denial which can be useful, especially in PvP.

Each specialization allows for quite a bit of flexibility with more than a few spells leading into other stronger spells. Still, you can’t go wrong with the Mage and her damaging and utility abilities. As the game releases and balance patches come out, expect lists like this to be wildly different, so just play what you enjoy.

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