Best Tarisland Bard Build - a door leading to a dungeon in Tarisland

Best Tarisland Bard Build

What's the best build?

While we know traditionally that bards were good at playing music, that does not mean they don’t have other useful skills and abilities. If you want the strongest bard ever, here is our best Tarisland Bard build, so you will know all the right talents to pick.

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Best Tarisland Bard Build

Let’s take a look at the abilities you might want to focus on to build the best bard ever:

Zealous Voice

This is your main attack. Playing notes will deal magic damage for 65% of your general attack skill. When cast on a team member, it will heal for less than half your attack skill and with double the mana cost. It will also leave a red note on the musical score.

Voice of Force

Attack the target 1.5 times within two seconds, with each attack dealing Magic damage for 44% of your attack skill +58. The spell leaves an Orange Note upon the musical score after casting.

Chord Score

Based on the notes left on the score, the chord score will combine them for several effects, such as Warlike Chord (three Red notes will deal Magic damage equal to 104% of your attack +137), Spiritual Chord (three Red notes and one Orange will deal Magic damage equal to 117% of your attack +154), Rhythmic Chord (one Red note and two Orange notes will attack the target two times, and each attack deals Magic damage equal to 64% of your attack, Swiftness Chord (three Orange notes will attack the target three times, and each attack deals Magic damage equal to 40% of your attack +55)

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As for Ultimates, you get the usual six skills to pick from, and for your best bard build we recommend focusing early on the following options:

  • Tranquility: Recover 20% of your total HP.
  • Potential Unleash: Boost your movement speed for 70% for about 8 seconds, to get out of dangerous situations.
  • Lullaby: Hypnotize the target for 15 seconds.

These skills will allow your bard to get out of difficult and dangerous situations, while also being able to recover HP and interrupt enemies’ attacks. Finally, here are the talents you might want to focus on for your Bard:

  • Stimulate: This talent will enhance Zealous Voice with 2% more damage, plus the damage dealt by Warlike Chord is enhanced by 0.5%.
  • Elegant Voice / Outburst: This skill will replace Zealous Voice and can be further enhanced by choosing Outburst which shall deal 5% more critical damage.
  • Finale: Perfect for dealing with enemies who are about to die, as damage is enhanced by 5% if their HP is below 25%.

That’s all we have for you to build the perfect Bard in Tarisland. For more information on the game, do not hesitate to also visit our other articles such as our best Priest build and a breakdown of the Tarisland map size.

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