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What is the Tarisland Map Size?

Just how big is it?

We all like to go exploring in our favorite games, of course, and the bigger the world the happier we are. That is why many gamers have been wondering about the Tarisland map size and how big it is. Let’s find out together what we know, keep reading to find out what you need.

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Tarisland Map Size, Explained

At the time of writing, it remains unclear how big the Tarisland map is.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the game is launching on June 21, and new areas will likely be added in the following months. Overall, players on Reddit have been comparing the map size to World of Warcraft, noting how the whole Tarisland map feels overall smaller than the Barrens in WoW. You can also take a look at this interactive map.

A city in Tarisland
Image source: Level Infinite

All Regions in the Tarisland Map

In Tarisland there are mainly four zones that you can explore. They are as follows:

  • SilverLit: This is the main city and it is built on several islands on the water. There are three major waypoints and several collectibles to pick up.
  • SilverLit’s Suburbs: The suburbs of the capital contain several points of interest, such as three waypoints and 17 different collectibles.
  • Misty Forest: This dense and apparently cursed forest is home to the Elves. It contains around 30 different collectibles and 12 waypoints for you to find.
  • Ancash Canyon: The canyon, home to the ancient Ancash tribe, contains several points of interest such as the far away and mysterious Twin Blade mountain, the Dim cavern, and the Centaur camp.

As you can see, despite not being huge in size, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of things to see and do in the Tarisland map. Overall, there are more than 200+ points of interest on the map, be they collectibles, attraction photo shoots, exploration chests, alchemists, forges, and so on.

That’s all we have for you on the Tarisland map size, but there’s more to discover. Such as our articles on the best Priest build guide and how to fix the not available in your region error.

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