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How to Fix Tarisland ‘Not Available in Your Region’ Error

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If you’re trying to dive into the newly released fantasy MMO, you may well have seen the ‘Not Available in Your Region’ error in Tarisland. While the game is officially out worldwide across all regions, some players are still complaining about this error popping up. In this guide, we’ll provide you with some suggestions on how to fix it.

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Tarisland ‘Not Available in Your Region’ Error Fix

Use our suggestions below to help fix the ‘Not Available in Your Region’ error in Tarisland.

Check Your Region’s Release Time

Some players on the Tarisland subreddit have complained about this regional error message. That’s because it may not have dropped depending on your time zone. Tarisland’s servers appear to go up in a staggered manner, releasing around 9 AM local time no matter where you are.

If you’ve managed to pre-download the game already but get the region message when trying to play, it’s likely because you’ve got a few hours left to wait until the curtain officially lifts.

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Configure Your VPN

If you’ve run out of patience and want to dive into Tarisland immediately, you can technically download a VPN to get started early.

To do this, delete Tarisland from your mobile device and configure the VPN so it’s switched on. Then, change over to a region where Tarisland has already launched, download that version of the game, and revert your VPN settings.

That said, since Tarisland hasn’t released anywhere at the time of writing, this won’t necessarily solve the problem. Instead, this is a good solution if you’re randomly getting the ‘Not Available in Your Region’ error further down the line, after the game’s launch.

Check the Developers’ Social Media

Lastly, there’s no harm in keeping tabs on Tarisland’s social media pages, just to double-check that the servers haven’t gone live or that you aren’t the only one dealing with this error.

Your first port of call ought to be the official Tarisland X page. That’s the most active source of information, even sharing details on when preloads begin for your region:

Elsewhere, be sure to check out the official website, Discord server, and Facebook page. Using a combination of these sources, you’ll hear the latest on any errors pretty much instantly.

That’s all for this guide! For more, check out our Tarisland classes tier list and the best priest build. We’ve also got an overall countdown timer to the Tarisland release time.

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